Summer courses are not being cut

Kiralynn Edmondson

Saddleback College President Tod A. Burnett announced in a recent news letter that courses will not be cut for this summer 2012 unlike many other community colleges.

But there will be few changes in the schedule and the possible overflow of students from other community colleges enrolling in Saddleback for Summer 2012.

“We are in midst of planning for the summer sessions,” said Don Busche, the associate faculty. “We have one eight week sessions and within that eight week we have two different six week sessions.”

The summer 2012 start of the eight-week session begins on June 18 and runs until Aug. 10. The beginning of the first six week session begins on June 18 and runs until July 27, and the second six week session begins July 2 and runs until Aug. 10.

“Being able to have a summer session compared to other colleges who will not be having one, depends all on your budget, and we have been planning accordingly for a summer session,” Busche said.

“We suspect that we will get some of the other students from other schools that is why we want to let students know right now, so that they make a quick decision to enroll because there will be a lot of competition for these classes. Glendale community college isn’t having a summer session at all, and many other schools have had cutbacks,” Busche said. “It makes me feel good that we are able to offer a summer program whereas other colleges are not able to do that.”

The summer schedule will be online March 25 so check it out and find out what classes fit you best before an overflow of students register first. 

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