Study abroad in Spain

Susan Ray


Saddleback College offers opportunities for study abroad, and many students choose to go to Spain each semester.  Students may receive Spanish credit while abroad, through Saddleback’s program in Spain. The program provides opportunity for authentic cultural immersion and travel. 

The dean of the Spanish department, Carmenmara, leads the group during the fall, spring and summer semesters. Each semester, Carmenmara jet-sets between continents to teach both in Spain and the United States and sometimes Peru as well!

Joshua Tolero, 21,electrical engineering, went to Santador in Summer of 2012 and “really enjoyed it.” He said the Spaniards were “loving, friendly,” and you often get the opportunity to “interact with the locals.”

Patrick Promia, 22, cinema, hopes to go to the Spain trip over the summer. According to Promia, there are “more attractive people in Spain that anywhere else, and they speak Spanish.”

Promia is also a native Spanish speaker from Mexico. He has taken several of Carmenmara’s
classes at Saddleback college.

 Carmenmara strongly encourages students to participate in the study abroad program. She also said that many ex-students return to Spain, “teaching, working in international business, speaking a perfect Spanish.”

She added that the “experience is a life long experience,” and that it can be so positively transforming, that some students brought on probation, “today are lawyers, professors and musicians thanks to the experience in Spain.”

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