Students showcase artwork at annual juried exhibition

Students wander through the gallery, voting for their favorite pieces. (Courtesy of Nina Welch)

Kimiya Enshaian

Saddleback College students’ artwork was showcased during the Art Gallery’s annual Student Exhibition, judging and ultimately awarding the artist whose work was declared “Best In Show.”

Judging took place last week and only students were allowed to vote.

Dispersed around the gallery, the showcase included an assortment of art including paintings, photography, sculptures, ceramics, jewelry and “mixed materials.”

A clay sculpture, entitled “Zurvan” depicting a man with horns, stands tall in front of the gallery.

The artist, Marco Miyana, said students are encouraged by instructors to showcase their work. All work is displayed with equality in the gallery whether the artist is an amateur or well seasoned.

“I believe that this opportunity Bob Rickerson [the gallery’s director and curator] is providing for artists to come out and expose their work is a great way to gain them the recognition to become a success.” Miyana said. “When we are given chances to succeed in the world as artists, we can better represent the facilities that were provided to us at Saddleback as well.”

The art was judged in two ways. First by sorting them in one of the four categories, “Painting/Watercolor” and “Painting/Oil Acrylic”, “Jewelry”, “Photography”, and “Ceramic/Sculpture” in which the students picked the pieces they enjoyed the most in each given category.

First, second, and third place nominees in each category were then chosen and awarded.

The second vote, entitled “Best In Show,” gave recognition to the piece seen and understood to be above the rest this year. Last night, the winner was awarded a $500 prize during the Potluck Artist’s Reception & Awards Ceremony.

“For the artists, the personal passion to create art comes first and the benefits like the exposure we receive from our work,” Miyana said. “And the awards comes to our minds later.”

This event gained the attention of students who did not know about the existing talent at Saddleback.

“I don’t really know which ones I like the best, the ones I’ve seen so far are great,” said Adrian Scott, 22, undeclared. “I never knew we had such talented artists.”

Although the period of judging has passed, the exhibit continues through next Wednesday.

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