Students authors books for children

Samantha Lapidus

Former Saddleback student Patricia Paigerac seems to have found her niche in life.  She has produced a book series, titled Chimmy 5 in 1, consisting of interactive books designed to teach children numbers and alphabet in five different languages: English, French, Italian, German and Spanish. 

Each book is accompanied by a CD to be played in conjunction with the books, helping the young reader to identify the correct pronunciationas they follow along.

Paigerac first developed the idea in 2000 while taking care of a child whose family spoke to him in Russian, Hebrew and French. She noticed that children had an exceptional capacity for learning languages. By the time the toddler turned two, he could fully understand each language and was even beginning to become trilingual.

With the help of her creative illustrator, Ivan Ruiz, and support from friends and family, Paigerac managed to create this invaluable learning tool for children and their parents.
“It is my hope that Chimmy will create an interest in children to learn more and take a deeper interest in languages from an earlier age,” Paigerac said.

Chimmy the monkey, along with his friends Lilith the dove and Harry the worm, serves as a friendly and exciting way for children to open up their minds towards different cultures and learning new languages.

Paigerac said, “These days, kids in America are not as educated as they should be. Most of them don’t even know the capitals of major countries.”
With this in mind, the author has decided the next edition of the series will follow the precocious monkey on a trip to Europe.

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