Student Health Center saves a life

Elizabeth Ortiz

Biology major Maria Miranda felt a $18 campus health visit was affordable and convenient while feeling ill on campus. She was shortly rushed to the hospital with a kidney infection and Miranda claims that the Saddleback Student Health Center saved her life.

According to, an information site on liver health, consultations are commonly encountered in clinical gastroenterology practice and many issues are complicated and infrequently seen. Some conditions have potential life-threatening consequences.

“Now I am getting better and and get regular checkups here on campus,” Miranda said. “This is my first semester and it helps with my expenses.”

The Student Health Center offers health care and psychological counseling to currently enrolled students. Care is provided by physicians, registered nurses and mental health counselors.

Office manager Robin Wilson said the purpose is not to replace your primary physician but treat minor temporary conditions.

“There has been an increase of students this semester, but I am glad we are getting students so they can go on there way to keep studying,” Wilson said.   

All services are confidential, and provided services include low cost lab testing, pap smears, emergency first aid, health counseling referrals and immunizations.

“I came in for blood work because it was more cost effective,” Nathan Staiter, business said. He was sitting next to Miranda.

They also provide a Helping Hand food bank for the first and third Wednesday of the month and a Farsi speaking counselor. Laden Boustani said.

The Student Health Center can be located in the SSC, room 177. (949) 582-4606.

Hours: Monday-Thursday 8 a.m.-7 p.m. and Friday 8 a.m.-3 p.m.

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