Student feature – Cross Country – Will Murphy

Erik Woods

Running, something many students and even some athletes don’t care for.  It’s physically draining and mentally exhausting.  The first step to becoming a successful runner is to believe that you can keep running, that you can keep pushing yourself until the finish line is reached, or until you feel you have reached your own personal finish line.  For Saddleback Cross-country runner Will Murphy, his own finish line has yet to be reached. 

Murphy is a 22 year old, Liberal Arts major who has a serious passion for long distance running.  Murphy shared his passion for running with me in a brief email interview, I asked if he ever thought about trying any other sports, and his response was “Running is pretty much what I do.  If I were to play another sport it would have to have a lot of running in it.” 

While running is Murphy’s passion, many students can relate to how difficult it can be at times. “Theres nothing to running for a long time i just put one foot in front of the other then just go.  Your body just adapts and everything just melts away.” 

When asked if he had any passion for any other sort of running, such as sprinting, Murphy stated that “I’m not fast enough to compete as a sprinter but give me a few miles and I would catch up. Competitions at Saddleback consist of 4 mile races for Cross-country and a variety of long distance events and track.  Anywhere from 800 to 10k are the long distance for track.”

Hydration and proper nutrition are critical in any sport, but in long distance running, it is imperative that you have the calories to burn and the liquids to rejuvenate your body.  “Before each run I hydrate usually drinking between 70oz. to 100oz. of water.  Other than that I make sure I plan meals and snacks so that i have enough energy when it comes to work outs or races.  If I do that the run goes way better.  If it’s hot out I’m thinking of nice cold water when I get back but usually I’m just thinking about what I’m going to eat.” Murphy said.

Murphy’s longest run was 14 miles, and his fastest mile time was during his high school years, where he ran speedy 4:35.  During his time in college, the mile is changed to a 1500 meter course, which he ran in 4:39. 

“I will run as long as i have legs.  As far as running for my next school, I will if at all possible.  Schools haven’t been trying to recruit me.  My times are considered average.”

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