Strange rumbles in the wilderness cause very little stir

The wilderness can be a strange and mysteriously place, and apparently a very funny one as well.

The new movie Strange Wilderness opened last Friday to audiences awaiting a good laugh.

The movie stars familiar names like Jonah Hill, who many people know from the breakout hit Superbad, Kevin Heffernan of Super Troopers, and Steve Zhan.

The movie chronicles a group of friends who are part of a nature show called Strange Wilderness.

In the film, they try to save their show from being cancelled. They hike throughout the Amazon in search of the one episode that will keep their sinking show afloat.

They encounter many struggles along their way, and even when times seem bad, they have their spirits up, mostly because they all seem to be a little crazy, or on drugs.

The plot line is good, with a sweet story behind it. Struggling friends trying to save the show they love so much to work and will attempt to do so at all costs. It’s an underdog story, and let’s face it, who doesn’t want to see the underdog come out on top.

You will be rooting for them to save their show throughout the film, but maybe it would be better to root for them while watching it on DVD in the comfort of your own home.

Although the movie is good, it’s not great. There is a tone of laughs, but some of them just seem to fall a little short.

Throughout the movie there were only three or four scenes that provoked a lot of laughter, and many of the clips are seen in commercials.

The movie is one someone could simply rent. It just doesn’t seem worth spending $10 on, compared to other films.

However, if one feels like going to see a movie just to see a movie, this one is recommend. Are there laughs? Check. Good actors? Check. Not too much to think about while watching it. Big check.

So for a night out on the weekend to see something that doesn’t spark much thought, see Strange Wilderness. With its sometimes ridiculous jokes, it will entertain for the hour and a half it lasts.

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