Staffer update from Chile

Lariat Staff

   Former Lariat photo editor David Bro sent word from Chile late Monday that he and his family survived the 8.5 earthquake that rocked the middle of that slender nation early Saturday morning.

   But in an email, Bro said conditions in the extremely rural area of Southern Chile where he has been since Feb. 9 are not pleasant. Utilities are out, he said, and most roads in the area have been destroyed or cut off from civilization.

   “I was on my place when it hit and we are about 25 miles from anywhere,” Bro said. “We just got out with all the cut roads and bridges.”

   Bro said the Chilean government appears more paralyzed than international reports claim.

   “The government is in shock,” he said.

   It’s not clear how Bro got the email out because he said gas and electricity have been off since the quake. Bro is in Chile to do construction on a family-owned ranch.

   “We are all okay and with little damage,” he said.

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