Spring Breakin’ It

Courtney Johnson

Spring Break is one of the most exciting times during spring semester for Saddleback College students. It is a time for students to kick back and relax, and possibly for once forget about school, even if just for a short period of time. When this time finally comes around – after much hard work from the beginning of the year – every student is thinking the same exact thing: “What am I going to do for Spring Break?”

In past years, many people think of this break as an opportunity for a much-needed vacation. Vacation destinations such as Las Vegas, Utah, Mexico, Hawaii, and Palm Springs were popular and highly desired for this relaxing, or far from relaxing, time. The main thoughts on these students’ minds were friends, fun, sun, and no responsibilities.

Mexico has always been a get-away for many college students, who depart in hopes of partying and lying on tropical beaches for days on end. Resort areas such as Cabo San Lucas and Puerto Vallarta are the typical destinations for Californians to go and have an unforgettable time.

This year, though, things are looking very different for the idea of “vacationing in Mexico.” The International Federal Warnings System has issued a safety alert for all spring-breakers hoping to travel to Mexico. Although the most dangerous areas are considered to be on the border towns between the United States and Mexico, the U.S. has issued a warning for the entire country. The reason for this warning is the increasing violence and drug wars in Mexico, and the possible harm that might be caused to college students. The warning is strictly for students’ safety, and suggests their travels to Mexico be redirected or cancelled.

Other destinations in our own state and elsewhere in our country are incredibly popular. Las Vegas is an ever-popular place for students to enjoy their time off, and Interviewed students confirmed this. It could be because of the short car ride that might turn into a memorable road trip with friends, or because of the world-famous entertainment the city has to offer. For many students, there is nothing like escaping to the desert to enjoy the early warmth and pool time that Vegas’ amazing hotels have to offer. The city is great fun, but mostly for those who are 21 and over, because of the strict laws the city enforces for many of its attractions. Las Vegas has no warnings like Mexico does, but this is also a place to remember your safety.

From Utah to Palm Springs, the desert and driving to get away from studies and stress is continuously popular. Whether you are enjoying the last couple of months of snow in Utah, or racing to your time-share in Palm Springs, fun clearly awaits you.

There are countless ideas and possibilities for Saddleback students. Some students enjoy just being able to sleep in and worry about nothing, right in their very own home. They would rather have the benefits of going to all the places Southern California has to offer. From beaches to Disneyland, our area is unique for seeking fun and pleasure, all in about an hour’s drive!

Even though all these endless possibilities seem exciting and irresistible, our country may not have this in store for mostly-broke students. The not-so-good economy may have students deciding to pick up extra shifts at work to gain some more pocket money instead of spending it all on a vacation. The lavish resorts and high prices everywhere have students thinking twice about the idea of “getting away.”

The endless cycle has students hurrying to transfer in order to get their career started, with the hope of getting themselves out of the rut everyone seems to be experiencing. Due to this, many students have decided that their relaxation time has turned into an opportunity for strict studying and catching up in school. Hopefully, these students will have some time to themselves in order to keep their sanity.

Sometimes, doing things for our college results in fun. For some students, playing spring sports for Saddleback is their idea of a spring break. Also, going to school functions and field trips with peers-turned-friends in an area of study they love are possible plans for students during this vacation time.

No matter what events are in store for Saddleback College students, I encourage them to relax and have fun, and get back March 23rd after a week of time off – safely!

“Baseball games for Saddleback.” Trevor White, 19, economics (C. Johnson)

“Partying and going to the beach.” Lisa Phomphakdy, 19, medical assisting (C. Johnson)

“Sleep in and relax.” Jessica Alan, 20, communications (C. Johnson)

“Studying for Anatomy.” Summer Brown, 32, nursing (C. Johnson)

“Skip my baseball games and go to Florida.” – Jeff Montenegro, 20, accounting (C. Johnson)

“Going to the Getty Villa for Art History class.” – Bree Paulsen, 19, art (C. Johnson)

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