Spring break doesn’t have to break the bank


After stressful midterms and a tedious school year, most students are looking forward to Spring Break 2012 for a fun, relaxing destination getaway.

Sure, if students want to travel out of state or even out of the country in the next two weeks, they’ll have a great time doing whatever they want. However, students can have just as much fun staying right here in sunny Southern California.

Traveling out of state may sound appealing while growing up to MTV’s traditional Spring Break parties on TV. This year the party is in Las Vegas, according to MTV.

Vegas may only be four hours away and doesn’t require a plane ticket for local college students, but dollar signs and Vegas go together. Gambling and hotel rooms on the Strip alone rob a student’s wallet.

Various locations in Mexico are some of the most popular destinations, according to the travel website StudentCity.com. Listed in the top spots are Cancun, Puerto Vallarta and Acapulco. However, for local students, these are expensive as they require purchasing not only lodging, but airfare.

There is also Tijuana, Rosarito Beach and Ensenada, all within driving distance. Although relatively inexpensive, one must consider the issue of personal safety while traveling.

Regardless of the money spent, there are plenty of concerns with traveling out of the country whether you are female or male. The reality of kidnapping, sex trafficking, theft and visiting a foreign country is very important to keep in my mind. No one should need to worry about things of that intensity while on their break.

To avoid any of the above issues, consider spending this year’s spring break right here in Southern California. We have beautiful beaches, amazing weather, and even the tourist atmosphere found in Vegas.

If one just wants to get out of Orange County, both San Diego and Los Angeles are less than a two-hour drive. Being able to stay in Southern California for break will save money on hotel rooms and gas. Activities and beaches will be much easier to find because the student is familiar with the area.

No matter where you plan on spending Spring Break, remember to be safe and have a great time! 

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