Spring 2012 study abroad programs in England and Spain

Saddleback students on a walking tour of Oxford, England. (Courtesy of Suki Fisher)

Cassie Rossel

The Liberal Arts Department at Saddleback College is holding two study abroad programs for the upcoming Spring 2012 semester. The destinations are Oxford, England and Salamanca, Spain.

Suki Fisher is the head of the England program, and Carmenmara Hernandez-Bravo is the head of the Spain program. Both instructors have acquired a real passion for their programs through organizing and participating in the trips to Oxford and Salamanca.

With unforgettable scenery, historical landmarks, and excursions to world-renown museums, both programs are sure to grant each participant once-in-a-lifetime experiences that will never be forgotten.

“Through the study abroad program, students are given the opportunity to grow as individuals while living in a foreign environment,” Fisher said.

The program in Oxford is mostly geared towards English or art majors, but is not limited to those majors. It offers general education classes such as English 1A, English 1B, and Art History 26.

Instructor Fisher has been in charge of the study abroad program in Oxford since 2008 and raves that it “gives students a broader sense of the world.”

The study abroad program in Salamanca is mostly meant for Spanish majors, but all students of different majors are welcome to join the experience. The program offers six Spanish language courses as well as several history of Spanish Civilization courses.

With over twenty-seven years of experience in study abroad programs, Hernandez-Bravo strongly believes that students who participate in the study abroad programs will come away from the experience with much more than just memories.

“Students make connections for life through this program. It has the ability to change each student in a positive way,” Hernandez-Bravo said.

This will be Hernandez-Bravo’s 12th visit to Salamanca with Saddleback students.

“It is so great that our school is offering such a great program, and the opportunity to explore a whole new continent,” said Kayla Johnson, 19, undecided.

Both Hernandez-Bravo and Fisher are very committed to making the Spring 2012 study abroad programs the best experience students will have while attending Saddleback College.

Due to the power outage last Thursday, the informational meetings were cancelled. A meeting for the trip to Salamanca was held yesterday, and an additional meeting for Oxford will be held on Sept. 22 at 5 p.m. at an undecided location. More details for these programs can be found on the Saddleback website. 

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