Speech and debate team hold fundraiser in McKinney Theater

Madison Dixson performing a persuasive speech on elderly care (Ashley Reyes)

Ashley Reyes

The Speech and Debate Showcase and Fundraiser took place in Mckinney Theater at 5 p.m. on Mar. 8. It featured an informative speech, two reader’s theaters and a persuasive speech.

“I’ve always loved public speaking,” Brooke Howell said. “I hope to one day become an international human rights lawyer. Being able to communicate well will help me with that.”

Howell presented an informative speech on the importance of vocal gel, which is a gel that can repair damaged vocal chords. The gel is injected into the vocal chords. It works by replacing the layer of the vocal structure to restore flexibility and allow the vocal chords to vibrate easier.

“Vocal gel is really important, especially being a public speaker,” Howell said. “It’s very relevant for the field. Our coach has a form of vocal scarring.”

When asked how long the speech took her to put together, Howell replied that it isn’t technically done yet. She was updating her sources the night before. Informative speeches require intensive research for weeks, although the memorization process comes easy for Howell. It only takes her about a day.

“It [speech and debate] has helped me with my everyday interaction and communication with everyone, ” Howell said.

“Mouth of the Lion” was a reader’s theater performed by Olivia Noceda, Dennis Meador and Jackson Spencer. The reading revolved around safety in the workplace and knowing when to report a safety incident.

“Caution and Commonsense can be a powerful safeguard, at the mouth of the Lion,” the group said.

“It takes a lot of hard work but it pays off,” Meador said.

Meador explains that they will take the piece to state finals this year. He will also be competing a duo with Olivia Noceda about Judy Gardner’s life, a pro piece on gay adoption and a drama about a son and father.

The last piece of the night was “Bellicose,” performed by Carolina Beyer-Flores, Melissa Armstrong, CeCe Melody and Solana Price. The play was encompassed around the dangers of increasing of female gangs.

“It took about a month to put the piece together,” Melody said. “We’re taking it to state, we leave next Tuesday.”

The play spoke about the hardships that girls who turn to gangs face.

“We should be on merry go-rounds, instead we’re in the eye of the storm,” read the team.

The theater was quickly filled with students, and among them was Mayte Gomez, business, who attended the showcase to gain extra credit points for speech.

“It was more than I expected it to be,” Gomez said. “The orange group [Mouth of the Lion group] was my favorite!” 

Gomez also added that she would definitely attend another speech and debate showcase when given the chance.

Mouth of the Lion performance, Dennis Meador standing tall (Ashley Reyes)

The Speech and Debate team performing “Bellicose” (Ashley Reyes)

Brooke Howell performing her informative speech on vocal gel (Ashley Reyes)

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