Special topic grant

James Maloney

     A new Special Topic Grant designed by ASG just this year hopes to benefit students directly by awarding new, innovative campus programming. $10,000 total is awarded solely to this project, and individual grant applications must not go above $2000. The topic funded for this grant will be changed each year, says ASG, which will help spawn new ideas and provide year-long focus for associated programs, events, and initiatives on campus. They hope that the topic chosen this year will help spur the creation of rewarding service opportunities on campus.

     The special topic for this year will be Service Learning. Service Learning is best described as a method of teaching that combines community service and a classroom style curriculum. It is designed to teach skills related to the workplace and enhance personal growth.

      Board Policy, however, states that ASG can’t fund any instruction. That means that any service related to instruction will not be eligible for the grant. Hopefully, though, new ideas will continue to come forward and help benefit the students of Saddleback College.


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