Sorry, you’re just a few years too late

Transfering colleges can be a very scary experience. I mean, when you’re in community college, it’s like junior high, not quite elementary school, not quite high school, but just right in the middle. These institutions act as stepping stones for us to get from one level to the next.

We expect to transfer to a four-year university, continue our education and be set free into the real world to fly free and fulfill our destiny, whatever it may be.

But what happens when the college we want to go to decides that it can’t take as many students as it used to? Do we just say, oh well and move on?

Recently, the California State University system announced that they were cutting student admissions by 10,000 students. 10,000 students! That’s an entire freshman class that will no longer be allowed to go there. I mean really? That is completely ridiculous. I know that it has to do with budget cuts and all, but come on, California is the fifth largest economy in the world. Yes, the world, not just the country, we should be able to give enough money to the university system to allow everyone who wants to transfer there the chance to do just that.

People like me who were lucky enough to transfer for the spring 2009 won’t really have to worry about this problem, but what about everybody else? What are they going to do?

When they decide to transfer with the hopes of getting into a good school that is reasonably priced, will they just get a, “sorry, but we’re full, if we had more money we’d be happy to take you, but better luck next time kid.”

In the interim, students can take advantage of their community college experience which offers them some reasonable alternatives. Saddleback offers a variety of courses for one who is trying to discover where they best fit when choosing a major. As a bonus, one can take transferrable elective courses, and for only $20 a credit hour.

I just think that we should be able to give every­body an education that has worked hard for it. If this means raising taxes to give schools more money, then I say go for it, our education is important.

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