Social-networking site geared toward “green” friendly students

Natalie Ekstrand, a new social-networking site set to launch in November will offer students digital resources needed to get involved in the green movement.

Disappointed with preexisting green websites, Mike Shell the founder of, wanted to attract an audience that would help spread the green lifestyle.

“The sky is the limit here. The more the students market the site the more revenues will be generated for their green school projects and events,” Shell said.  “We want students to know this is their site to believe in, and be very proud of its accomplishments.” 

The website offers students the ability to network, create and voice their opinions about green products, form groups, and host events.

The website will also offer green career
opportunities, a store for green products, and even allow users to build and design their own green business.  Shell said that 50 percent of the website’s profits will fund school green projects and that site will also employ many earth friendly members.

“The sites purpose is to start a student driven website that generates revenues that are in turn giving back to the students to green their schools,” Shell said.  “Each function on the GGS site is specifically designed to maximize the effectiveness that students can have on climate change and the greening of their schools.” 

Shell hopes to have five percent of all students involved in the GGS site by 2012.

Early registration is available at  Students can also follow updates for the site on twitter or facebook. 

In the meantime Shell encourages students to market the site.

“Students can start now by just viral marketing GGS ten minutes a day. Shell said.  “They can start a grassroots movement before we launch. The more traffic we have on the site come launch day the more advertisers will sign up.” 


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