Social{Live} presents ‘Thor’ movie night on campus

David Gutman

Amid the aroma of freshly popped popcorn and the sounds of anticipation, Social{Live} presented Thor to an eager audience of fans and non-fans alike.

“We picked Thor because we heard it got good reviews, students would enjoy it, and it premiered this week,” said Erin Long, the Inter-Club Council adviser. Thor made it’s home media entertainment release on Sept. 13.

Chris Hemsworth plays title character Thor with Anthony Hopkins playing Odin, Thor’s father. Hopkins narrates the introduction to the movie giving a basic background describing the feud between the gods and their mortal enemies, the Frost Giants.

Thor grows tremendously throughout the film, even at an early age Thor was portrayed to be a callous and arrogant man, only caring about his own glory.

When he loses his godly power due to his arrogance he is thrust to Earth where he meets with physicist Jane Foster, played by Natalie Portman. It is Foster that teaches Thor to value life and to not be self-centered.

Thor was not short on godly friends, but among his companions were The Warriors Three.

The Warriors Three refer to Fandrel, Hogun, and Volstagg played by Joshua Dallas, Tadanobu Asano, and Ray Stevenson respectfully. All three of these characters have very distinct, conflicting personalities, giving the movie a comedic edge.

The film features heavy action throughout with Thor’s signature hammer Mjolnir making a satisfying clanking sound whenever he struck a foe with it.

Many sharp-eyed fans of the comic books may be able to see many different things that relate to the comic books throughout the movie, like a billboard with the word Journey into Mystery.

This was the comic book that the character of Thor had first appeared.

These visual treats give a sense that the creators of the film wanted to make it for comic book fans.

“I’m a Marvel Fan and I like these movies that have been released lately,” Anthony Nicolosi, 18, international relations said. “Most of the time comic book movies are not very good but these movies come so close.”

Many people may realize that Thor is in fact the forth in a series of movies released by Marvel entertainment. Beginning with Iron Man 1 and 2 starring Robert Downey Jr., The Incredible Hulk starring Edward Norton, and Captain America starring Chris Evans.

This correlation is made more obvious when Clark Gregg reprised his role as Agent Coulson who had a minor role in Iron Man in 2008.

“I thought it was a great movie and I seriously can’t wait for ‘The Avengers’ next year,” Adam Tilton, 25, business said.

All of these movies all have different stand-alone story lines and characters, but they are going to converge in “The Avengers” movie. The movie is scheduled to be released in May 2012.  

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