Skateboarding on Campus: No one’s complaining.

Shivan Cespedes

Is skating really not a crime?  What do students say?  How about the acid test; what does the campus police say?

Skateboarder Parker Crutchfield likes skating because he gets to classes quicker.  He also takes note to mention that the campus is a lot bigger (and better) than high school.  Fellow skater and long boarder Taylor Robbins finds it convenient too.  He also adds that no ones mad about the skating, and that he does his best to stay out of the way.

For non-skaters, Kyle Kosidowski states “I try to stay out of the way cause they could fall and hurt themselves,” then he adds that he has friends who skate too.  “I don’t really have a bad opinion of them, there’s not really many skaters on campus anyway.  Non-skater Dani Riggs says she’s never had a problem with them, “They don’t get in my way,”  “Yeah” her friend Kayla Stephens adds “they seem to keep to themselves.”

Campus Police Deputy Chief Jim Pyle says “If someone is using their skateboard for transportation to get to school from home or to get to classes it’s ok, but if their using it as a trick board and putting others at risk it’s a good way to get fined.

Long boarder cruises campus

Skaters on campus

on his way to class

Long boarder on deck

Skatings open on campus

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