Sibling school rivalry

Janelle Green

Most Saddleback Community College siblings know the drill when it comes to trying to avoid spending time with that annoying or unwanted sibling. Our campus itself seems to be going through a somewhat similar situation, except in this case, we ignore Irvine Valley College and the Advanced Technology and Education Park. As the eldest of the three colleges, Saddleback needs to act its age and make the first move towards salvaging whatever minute relationship remains.

We can start making amends in several ways. Anyone who attends more than one of the campuses should show respect in every situation; no more stealing parking spaces while flaunting a Saddleback parking permit.

Besides giving our relatives the respect that they deserve, we should also consider refraining from any form of physical or verbal abusive left over from a previous semester. Nobody is interested in watching two adults fight like six year-old children.

Blaming an IVC or ATEP student for filling a class is not only silly, but pointless as well. Nobody in their right mind is going to give up their spot in a class because a petitioning Saddleback student believes they deserve it more.

Finally, most students are fully aware that each campus has some major defective qualities, but having a busy hallway due to recent construction is life, so learn to deal with it. Blaming a visiting student won’t make the BGS building less of a hassle.

Though IVC and ATEP aren’t exactly painting our college’s initials around their campuses, they still stress their desire to be more involved with us. Whether it be contributing to our newspaper or having lunch with members of ASG, they’re screaming for attention.

The family of three, all born from the South Orange County Community College District, claims many awards and creates a positive hype for our communities.

In fact, some students are bi, even tri-curious about the gang of sisters. It is not uncommon to meet a pupil who is registered in more than one of the trio.

Here’s to hoping that one day, Saddleback students will no longer get booed for simply stepping foot onto either campuses.

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