Should security cameras be installed on school grounds?

Kelsey Avers

Security concerns are universal. Teachers and campus police are not able to watch every detail of events on campus, but many terrible things occur that even school authorities are not aware of.

In the past, families did not lose sleep over whether their children were out of harm’s way at school or in the neighborhood. It was trusted that they were safe in the community.

There weren’t any thoughts of a student going on a shooting rampage in a cafeteria or down the hallways.

Security cameras on school campuses will reduce the fears of exactly how safe students are while getting an education.Cameras are going to be everywhere for as long as crime is present. Unpleasant activities can occur on school property if there are cameras installed or not, but the level of crime might be decreased.

The cameras might not completely stop a student from causing harm to innocent students, unfortunately, but if such incidents were recorded, officials would be able to observe the case more carefully to recognize what happened. The actions to keep other schools secure in such cases might come more quickly.

Those opposing security cameras will argue that the installments would infringe on privacy that should not be sacrificed. It is worth losing a little bit of privacy in exchange for a chance to prevent violence.

The only people that would have a problem with the security cameras being installed are those that are breaking the rules.Some college students are still living with the mindset of a high school kid.

It’s time to grow up and learn the difference between having teachers hold your hand and guide you through every assignment, and getting to college where the choices you make are an example of who you are.

Cameras would bring a lesson to those that cause trouble and help them learn a sense of right and wrong.

If there is anything that can be done about keeping my peers safe, and myself, I am all for it.

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