Shooter Ali Syed applied to the Disabled Students Programs and Services at Saddleback College

The first page of an application for services from the Saddleback College Disabled Students Program and Services filled out by Ali Syed. Syed shot and killed three people last month before shooting himself.

Angie L. Pineda, Kristine Martinez, Michael Grennell, Valery Fregoso

Saddleback College student Ali Syed had filled special services forms stating that he had, “[attention deficit hyperactivity disorder] ADHD, panic disorder [and] anxiety,” on the application of services for the Disabled Students Programs and Services on July 11 of last year, according to documents obtained by the Lariat. 
Syed went on a shooting spree Feb. 19, killing three people and then took his own life.
According to the DSPS official documents, Syed had specified his necessity for “testing accommodations.”
Testing accommodations provided by DSPS includes:
• extended time for testing
• a reader for the test
• modification of test format
• oral test 
• alternatives to computer-scored answer sheet
• adapted equipment
• testing to occur in a separate, quiet room with a proctor.
“Ali Syed applied to DSPS on July 11th after seeing a generalist counselor for academic probation/disqualification, and that the college made attempts to contact him on August 15th, September 14th, and October 5th to schedule an appointment.  He did not respond,” Saddleback College spokesperson Jennie McCue wrote in an email to the Lariat.
Counseling office assistant Kathy Schultz wrote an email to Syed saying that the Special Services program had left two messages but were unable to reach him. 

“I don’t think just depression leads to acts like that, to experience such a long rampage of rage is something more than depression,” said clinician Katherine Shapiro MACL.  
“It is more common in men for anger to often build and lead to anxiety and depression, his depression may have gotten so severe he experienced a psychotic episode.” Shapiro said.

According to Syed’s transcripts, his cumulative total GPA going into the Spring semester of 2013 was 0.62. 

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Records of Syed’s interaction with the DSPS

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