Shakeout at Saddleback

The evacuators in green hard hats (kira Edmondson/Lariat)

Kiralynn Edmondson

The Great California Shakeout took place this morning on the Saddleback campus. The California Shakeout is the largest earthquake drill in the United States history.

At 10:18 a.m. this morning, Saddleback students and faculty participated in an earthquake drill on campus. Classrooms were evacuated and students were brought outside of the buildings to wait for the okay to re-enter.

The evacuators were dressed in green vests with green helmets. Their job was to make sure each classroom was empty as well as the building as a whole.

“The drill is a little artificial, people know its coming and they know where to go. But in a real earthquake everyone would be in a panic and evacuation would be messy. But having a drill does not have any harm,” said Michael Channing an English and humanities teacher at Saddleback.

“My teacher did not have us get under the desks, she just made us evacuate,” said 18-year-old Nicole Peters.

Next years Shakeout evacuation is scheduled for Oct. 17 at 10:17 a.m. For more info on the biggest earthquake evacuation drill in the country visit

for a video on the shakeout at Saddleback College go to



A mass of students waits outside of the math and science building for permission to re-enter their classrooms. (Kira Edmondson/Lariat)

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