Senior day hosted at Saddleback


Chad Richards

An estimated 1,000 seniors from various county high schools came to Saddleback April 3 at noon for Senior Day. Many of Saddleback’s programs and clubs set up booths to show that school can be fun.

The math, science, and engineering departments gave information to incoming freshman about their programs.

The engineers showed off their magic crystals that were filled with what looked like water. To the audiences surprise the engineers experiment created a strange jelly that the audience was encouraged to play with.

The real center of attention was the dance-off between Robin Ching, 18, appreciation of Pilipino American Culture and Mychal Gabb a member of the Black Student Union. The crowd gathered around them and watched them perform.

“You do not even need to be Filipino to join the club” said Nathan Bone, 19, APAC. The members of APAC showed prospective students about community service, guitar lessons, and free hip-hop dances that Saddleback students could enroll in for free.

The Language Assistance Program gave out licorice while the energy drink company Rockstar gave out free energy drinks which helped to get the seniors all hyped up to climb the giant rock wall. While some students participated in all the activities, others snacked on the free cotton candy that was being handed out or listened in on the huge hit’s being spun by the disc jockey.

“The purpose of the event is to recruit students, highlight programs and promote the school,” said Leslie Humphrey, Saddleback Outreach specialist, head of Senior Day event.

“It also shows and highlights programs such as education, scholarships, clubs, and student services, showing all the great programs the college has to offer. To me it’s not isolated, but a collaborative event, where the faculty comes together to promote Saddleback.”

Senior day has been a huge success in promoting the endless classes, clubs, and scholarships that Saddleback has to offer.

“Saddleback gave me a lot of information about what I want to do in my major,” said Thomas Auerbach, 17, Northwood High school. “It goes in depth, and helped me organize my thoughts on what specifically I want to focus on when I come here.”

The seniors walked away with not only bags full of information, candy and handbooks but a glimpse of their future.

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