Senate talks about Wi-Fi and sports cards.

Steven Jung

     The senate had new details to go over this last Thursday on Sept. 6th, 2012. The Marketing Committee is requesting a senator to represent them at the ASG meetings. They also have three new members; Lily Rahmani, Jonathon Stephens and Maria Zakhar.

     The first order of unfinished business was making sure they were able to contact with the Deans they were trying to email. Some have already set up meetings or met with the Dean they were assigned to, others will meet with their Dean within the next week.

     The reason to meet with the Deans is to make sure the money being given to the departments is being used. One of the senators said that the dean they spoke with handed out sports cards.

     These cards work like business cards, but tell students when the games are for that sport. There are multiple types of sports cards such as men’s water polo, cross-country, women’s softball, and many more.

     The next topic of focus was ratifying the budget plan. Even though they have been approved by the budget board of the school, the previous administration of senators from last semester did not ratify the budget plan because they were rushed to get it to the budget board.

     Next week the senate will ratify the their own budget plan, normally however, the process is reverse; where the senate ratifies the plan, then bring it to the budget board, and then the budget board approves of the plan if they decide to. Once the plan is ratified then they can begin to give the money to the different departments.

     The next important topic the senate felt needed to be discussed was what they could do about the areas that have a weak Wi-Fi connection. They spoke about the areas on campus that needed a boost such as the village area. This is so students who use Iphones and Ipads can use the internet to do research for class. The students can also check their emails, or find their classes in the village area on the first day of school if they are having trouble locating classrooms.

     Then the senate moved onto the surveys from last week and discussed how they could conduct them. They want to know if the students are bothered by solicitors of businesses such as people who go around and put flyers on students cars.

     They are thinking about putting a table with a computer out in the quad area once a week for students to take the survey. Another possibility is setting up a computer in the library or tutoring level of the LRC and students can take it there.

     They want to know what the student’s opinion is about businesses putting up flyers on their cars or if it bothers the students, so they can find a way to deal with the solicitors to make campus life better for the students.



if you would like to know more their webpage is here

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