Sell your soul on craigslist

Nikki Jagerman

I have just discovered Craigslist. When I’m not sorting through the clothing section hoping to find someone that doesn’t realize how much their vintage collection is actually worth, I’m answering “missed connections” that are definitely not for me. (I was hoping you’d come over and talk to me! We should hang out soon.)

Trying to find people I know posting personal ads is one of my favorite hobbies. Also hilarious is posting people you know in personals. The best way to do it is to make a personal ad that goes to your e-mail address or some side e-mail account and post a really nice-sounding bio with a believably attractive picture (could be a picture of anyone really).

Then when the e-mails start coming in you tell them to send sexy texts to your friend’s number. The best part will be their confusion as they show you what people are sending them and you having to act like you have no idea what is going on.

The barter section seems like a good idea but often times the trade-outs are so odd and unrelated that you probably don’t want that person’s stuff or services. Will tattoo you for your Wii? Massage therapist looking to trade out for cosmetic surgery? However, most of the barter items seems like they want to trade their junk for your money.

The whole operation is brilliant. Well, let me rephrase that. The whole operation is brilliant as long as you aren’t working with rapists or scam artists.

People who use Craigslist really do have to be careful about the deals they’re making, who they’re making them with, and where they plan to meet.

The jobs and gigs mostly seem fairly safe. It’s mostly medical studies on Alzheimer’s, depression, and being 30 pounds overweight with back issues, which is a bummer for healthy people because there is some serious money in volunteering for those studies.

Craigslist is the online version of thrift shopping, you really have to look to find something good and even then it’s still some second-hand, I don’t want it so you take it, thing (or person) that you have had no real contact with. I suppose that’s Craig’s intrigue.

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