Schools offer inexpensive entertainment

(Jordan Hammer)

Lariat Editorial Board

Students should take advantage of school performances. After all, they are inexpensive and entertaining.

Here is a small nugget of information for IVC and Saddleback students who are broke, bored and don’t want to travel far for entertainment. Both schools host events on a regular basis, and, since they are usually school sponsored, admission is either free or fairly low cost.

Now, it is obvious that not every event will satisfy every student’s interests. That is why it is neccesary to check either school’s website regularly for the latest events. The school’s websites are valuable resources to use when checking for upcoming events, since they are always posted beforehand.

There are a number of different events hosted by IVC and Saddleback that are coming up this semester. There are musical events such as the jazz vocalist Judy Wexler or jazz pianist Mike Garson who will be performing at Saddleback.

In addition to musical events, there are speakers invited to appear at our colleges. Recently, Saddleback students were invited to attend a talk called “Peace and Understanding” in memory of Martin Luther King Jr. and the admission was free. The speaker was Terrell Fletcher, a former NFL player for the San Diego Chargers.

Another interesting speaker that might be worth seeing is Willie Brown, the former mayor of San Francisco. He will be speaking Feb. 21 at Saddleback’s McKinney Theatre.

Saddleback has a larger theater program that puts on multiple shows every semester. Coming up is the musical “Reefer Madness.” This is a chance to see your peers acting. By the way, most students involved with any kind of performance usually work hard at what they do, so you know will recieve a quality performance.

IVC and Saddleback will both be hosting dance performances in the spring. Saddleback in particular will be showcasing student choreographers.

So, you don’t want to listen to speakers and you don’t care about the musical events? What about sports? Both Saddleback and IVC have a multitude of sports teams whose games, matches whatever you can attend. By going to a game, you are supporting the school and other students, not to mention obtaining entertainment. The sports events are held regularly on campus and give students the chance to get together and cheer on our teams.

At the very least, some of the school’s clubs host all day events where there is usually food and entertainment such as a band. Bands also have shows off-campus if you must leave school.

Some people don’t like to be at their community college for any reason other than going to class. Most students don’t feel a connection to the school because it is usually a pit stop between high school and a four-year university. If that is true for you, think about how long you will really be here.

The two years or more students spend at community colleges are still two years of the college experience. Why not make the best of attending Saddleback or IVC by attending events and getting involved?

Don’t be afraid to participate in school activities. IVC and Saddleback provide quality entertainment for their students and those events should be taken advantage of. So go out there and support your school’s activites.

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