Scholarships provide a little extra cash for students

Kayla Sallee

Saddleback’s scholarship program allows students to be awarded up to $2,000 towards their education.

Students will usually win $500 – $1500, however, scholarship amounts can range from $250 – $2,000 and many students will win more than one.

Students must go to Saddleback’s website at and click on the Apply Now link to begin their scholarship application process.

Students must be using Internet Explorer 6.0 or higher to avoid problems within the scholarship application.

“We believe the process is easy, but this is our first year with the stars online program and encourage students to notify the Student Assistance & Scholarship Office at SSC106 or call (949) 582-4860 if they encounter any problems or have questions,” said Mary Hall, director of financial aid.

Deadline is on March 15, 2010.

Once a student is selected as a winner, they will be invited to attend a scholarship ceremony, held in the gymnasium and they will meet their donor or a donor representative.

Depending on whether a student is continuing at Saddleback or transferring to a four-year college, the disbursement of funds will differ.

Scholarship funds are available to the majority of winners in the fall semester, 2010.

Students continuing at Saddleback College get their funds based on their enrollment.

Students who are transferring will verify units enrolled at their four-year college and a check will be sent to their campus of choice.


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