Saddleback shakes to the King

Scott Bruce on vocals, Ty Cox on drums (Lauren Echols)

Lauren Echols

Elvis Impersonator Scot Bruce has got it going on. His voice sounds just like the king’s. You’ll think you’re in Blue Hawaii. Bruce has all the Presley moves- the independently rotating thighs, the swiveling pelvis, and the droopy bedroom eyes.

From the time Bruce walked on stage to the time he left screaming fans were in the audience, and just like the real Elvis, Bruce had followers. Bruce loved interacting with the crowd. He would sing one part and the audience would sing back. There was clapping and kids dancing. The whole experience was fun and made you dance in your seat.

In the beginning Bruce performed Devil in Disguise, Blue Moon, and Blue Suede Shoes, which was awesome. The background was creative and cool, the lights switched from red to blue to a purple color. Bruce would slide across the floor and get right into the audience. During the performance he gave a kid in the front row his guitar pick.

The band was spectacular. Eugene Edward was playing the Electric Guitar, Russell Scott/ Electric Bass, Brian Whelan/Piano, and Ty Cox/Drums. Without them the show couldn’t of happened.

Towards the end of the concert Bruce said a few touching words. He thanked all the men and women who are in the service, and wished them all a safe trip home. Then he sang a song to pay tribute to the war, with the American flag behind him.

After the lights cut off and he thanked everyone for supporting him and thanked the crew, the crowd was chanting encore. A few minutes later Bruce was back out on stage to do an encore.

During the encore he performed Jail House Rock and the famous Elvis song from Blue Hawaii, which was I Cant Help Falling In Love With You.  During Jail House Rock Bruce asked everyone to stand up and dance. The crowd went crazy. After the end I was left wanting more. The entire performance was amazing, and a lot of fun. The concert was great for all ages.

Scot Bruce as Elvis has appeared in music videos with Faith Hill and Sheryl Crow. Scot has also appeared in roles on the hit soap operas- Days Of Our Lives and The Bold And Beautiful. Recently, he had the honor of performing with the legendary jordanaires (Elvis’ original backup singers).

Scot Bruce performs at Disneyland on a regular basis, and tours with the ‘Legends of Rock and Roll- Buddy, Roy, and Elvis.

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