Saddleback prepares to host its transfer day

Katie Mastro

Saddleback College Transfer Day, which promises a circus of tables portraying a vast array of triumphant four-year institutions, is on Oct. 24 from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m in the Science and Math/Library quad.

Many colleges will be present, including all the University of California and California State schools as well as several out of state and California private schools.

“It is on a Wednesday because many students don’t come on Friday or Monday, so it should be a Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday,” said transfer center counselor Sarah Kobata. “Also 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. is a prime time students have class so they will be on campus. Most students don’t want to come late or wake up too early.”

If a student cannot attend transfer day for any reason, he or she can still rendezvous to the transfer center after the event.”Everyone should check out the fair, but if they can’t, we have tons of information here at the transfer center,” Kobata said. “All the counselors are going to be at the workshops following the fair to pass information from the schools to the students.At the transfer center, there are six part-time counselors in addition to the Transfer Center Coordinator, and all of them will be at transfer day. After the event, they will all be at different workshops assisting the University representatives.

“I will be at the “UCLA: so you want to be a Bruin?” workshop; I will basically help the representative prepare for the presentation,” said transfer center counselor Terrance Nelson. “We help the person out by making them feel comfortable. We end up building a friendship or bond with them. That way if a student has an issue, I could just e-mail them.”

Transfer day is expected to be a success, displaying many colleges.

“This is the biggest transfer day this year,” said transfer center counselor Sara Nieves-Lucus. “We had two smaller transfer fairs earlier this semester, but less representatives showed up. As a counselor at Saddleback, this will be my first transfer day. I have been here as a University of California Santa Barbara representative before on transfer day. I don’t know exactly how many came, but I handed out a lot of information. UCSB is pretty popular at Saddleback.”

This annual event only magnifies the center’s strive to encourage students to not surrender and to always reach for the stars.

“It is all a matter of reaching out to our students, creating a culture of transfer,” Nelson said. “When there are four-year colleges on campus, it broadens their goals and aspirations to pursue other opportunities. It is a personal counselor philosophy that everyday is transfer day.”

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