Saddleback musicians do it for themselves

Paul Chacolla

Orange County is a dry desert for its music and art community. Venues are extremely scarce so it is very difficult to book a show. Most people are mainly into their raised trucks, listening to the latest hits on KROQ or the last record Avenged Sevenfold put out or some other metalcore band.

But in this money-driven, fancy car, “my grass is greener than yours,” county, there are a handful of musicians and artists trying to make a change. Of the few, John Lubushkin, 20, Philosophy has his own home recording studio and label named after the street he grew up on, Minaya Recordings.

“I am doing this out of frustration for two reasons,” said Lubuskin, “the first being that I’ve collaborated with a number of talented local musicians whose creativity was going nowhere due to the lack of a medium for certain genres of music to be heard and a lack of tools for them to utilize.”

Other than the musicians not being recognized, artists and writers also need their spot under the sun too. Lubushkin has taken them into consideration as well and is making them part of the project toring forth all spectrums of art into a future release.

“My second frustration, I think this is due mostly to our area’s main demographic: new families raising children,” Lubushkin said. “Us, being the children that have already been raised, now feel somewhat awkward in an environment that is often hostile to our passion of reflecting society’s strengths and weaknesses through the symbolism and abstraction of music, art, and literature.”

Lubushkin has plans to release MINAYA the first in a possible series of compilations in spring or summer of 2008.

Along with the CD, a booklet will be available with it as well consisting of between 20 and 50 pages of visual art, poetry and short stories.

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