Saddleback hosts 38th annual art sale

Sarah Black

Saddleback College Art Gallery will host their 38th annual holiday student art sale featuring ceramics, photography, paintings in various media, graphics and more by more than 30 artists. The sale lasts through Thursday, Dec. 9.

All proceeds will fund student scholarships in the arts and master classes by internationally known artists, as stated in a release from the art department.

The sale is open to anyone, according to Jon Ginnatry, senior fine arts technician and instructor.

“Outside people are definitely encouraged to come,” Ginnatry said.

He said the purpose of the sale is to encourage student artists to continue to produce their art for sale, and to understand the business side of art production.

“It’s a big deal to see people want [students’] work,” said Ginnatry.

“It’s for self-benefit,” said Andrew Tamayo, 21, art. Tamayo has been at Saddleback for three years and has been making ceramic art for about six years.

Tamayo plans on selling bowls at $10-$15 each, vases at $20-$25, as well as his own creative selection of ceramic heads.

“They’re something I’ve been making for awhile,” said Tamayo. “People said, ‘I want to buy your heads,’ and I said, ‘Why?'” he said, laughing.

Tamayo’s head collection is called “A Never-ending Head Case” and will be available for sale.

Students are required to volunteer for a minimum of three hours for the three-day event.

“It’s everybody helping everybody,” said Tamayo.

Beginning Monday, Dec. 6, the art students will set up their booths. Artwork will be displayed on tables, shelves and walls.

The gallery items will be available for sale from 10 a.m. to 8 p.m.

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