Run – pee from a crappy scene

Joseph Espiritu

    Going to the pisser during a movie has always been a catch 22.  Sure, you come back more relaxed, but at the same time you’ve probably also missed a really good scene.  If you’ve ever wished to know which part of a movie you can miss for a bathroom, snack, or make-out session you’re in luck.

An independently run Web site called allows movie-goers a chance to see which scenes are worth missing for that quick break.

The program, which features the latest Hollywood releases within the last six months features a timer-based system that tells viewers how much time they can miss before they need to head back.  Each “break time” is queued by a specific scene or quote that the viewer must look out for.

While this program might insight multiple break times and more people blocking your views as they walk past your seats, you have to admit that giving the site a quick look-see before watching that four-hour epic is well-worth the five minutes you’ll spend checking the site.

Since you have no access to the pause button in a theatre you might as well take advantage of this little gem of an idea and as enjoyable as movies are, being relaxed with an empty bladder makes it that much more fun – because let’s not fool ourselves, we paid to see the good parts.

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