RUMOR: New Cafe in LRC?

Angie L. Pineda

“Squash the rumor” director Jeanne Harris-Cadwell of the health department said. “It’s coming!” As of this term there are plans to not only have a new cafeteria but to also have a new cart for coffee and pastries.

This means that math, science, arts, (etc.)  students no longer have to race to the cafeteria located all the way in the Student Service building in between breaks. 

As of now, decisions are being made on whether the cafeteria should be in the LRC or if it should be located at the Fine arts building, once this is established. The coffee cart will be placed by the building that doesn’t have the cafe. 

The current cafeteria in the student center is under new ownership and all the equipment has been replaced with newer and better equipment.

When comparing the old cafeteria to the updated cafeteria, Harris-Caldwell said, “It’s like night and day.”

There are healthier food choices, salads, sandwiches, and a section filled with power and protein bars. Also, students will get 10% off any purchase in the cafeteria by using their ASB stamp. Students can purchase this ten dollar ASB stamp from the Student Government center located at the student service building. Students will need a student ID card to have this stamp placed next to their photo.

It isn’t known when exactly the secondary cafe will be built but Harris-Caldwell hopes by at least this term. 

Cafe hours

ASB stamp info

More Food service info

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