Recent shower won’t prevent a harsh drought

Dominic Gutierrez and Jessica Taylor

While the majority of southern Californians are proud and accustomed to our golden and shining year round weather, the truth is that the blazing sun is proving to be our worst enemy.

Water is scarce, despite the freak monsoon weather that hit this summer. 2007 has been the driest year since 1877, and despite “Conserve Water” warnings and with the present water levels stemming from too little rainfall, the drought doesn’t seem to be stopping anytime soon.

The dry conditions have aided rampant fires in previous years. The National Interagency Fire Center has even bumped the fire preparedness up to level 5, which indicates our region could potentially exhaust all fire resources.

Conserving water is necessary to get out of this mess. Even though we had mild rain last week, there was not enough to outweigh the dryness.

Sarah Stevens, of Association of California Water Agencies, said that ACWA is launching a statewide campaign to teach the importance of water conservation.

“We need legislation,” Stevens said. “With that we could start by adding surface storage, and more desalinization technology.”

To conserve water at home, turn off automated sprinkler systems, limit car washing, and reduce water use in frivolous items like fountains. It is important to take shorter showers and fix any faucet leaks immediately.

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