Real need for going green with recycling

Casha Cheema

Green seems to be a term on the tip of everyone’s tongues, whether it’s a celebrity speaking out against global warming or the local hardware store encouraging energy saving lightbulbs, “going green” seems to be a positive trend that everyone is catching onto. So why isn’t Saddleback?

Have you noticed that there aren’t any trash cans for recyclables on the Saddleback campus?

You’ve all heard the song, “We are the world, we are the children.” As cliché as that song is, it’s true. Our resources are slowly slipping away.

Have you seen the land fills in our country? Search the internet for U.S. landfills and see for yourself how serious this issue is. We cannot afford to throw away any more plastic bottles because we don’t have any more room.

The five most commonly recycled things are plastic bottles, aluminum cans, paper, glass bottles, and steel/tin cans. Students go through hundreds of those items every day. I see plastic water bottles in all of my classes.

So why not recycle? Not only would it help the environment, but we could also use the profits to benefit our college.

Okay, I’ll admit, maybe I’m a bit more of a tree hugger than the “average Joe,” but I don’t think students would be throwing away water bottles and soda cans if it were convenient to recycle them.

On more than one occasion, I have seen people around campus with huge trash bags, digging through the trash for cans and bottles.

Now, if there is enough recyclable material in our trash for people to want to come to our school, dig through the junk and take it, I think it’s more than worth while to have recycling bins on Saddleback’s campus.

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