Raising a bunch of brats

Lariat Editrial Board

As we grow up our parents encourage us to respect ourselves and those around us. They teach us the words “please” and “thank you”, and they teach us to respect people for their cultural beliefs, rights and feelings.

As we start to become more mature we value people for their acts and we acknowledge those who bring respect upon themselves and others. We lose respect for the ones that can’t be trusted and are ignorant upon the word respect.If you take a look around campus, you will very much notice that lack of respect in many individuals.

Whether it is smoking in a non-smoking area, littering the campus, or cutting people off while driving, it is extremely rude. Not letting the pedestrian walk before you, showing up late for classes or appointments, and rudely talking while others are doing so can also be added to this list.

Sure these all sound like simple things, but why is it that we cannot follow through with them? We must understand that if we want respect from others we need to give ourselves and other people the same.

The value of self-respect may be something we can take for granted, but we at the Lariat ask all of you not to do that. Self-respect is one of the most valuable things a human being posesses.

How sad is it to see a young woman walking around in an innapropriate outfit not only at a public place like school, but also at the mall or the movie theatre? What about the young men these days? What happened to them giving up their seat for a girl or holding a door open for an elderly person?

Just because we have made it into college does not mean that our morals should change. We should all realize that we are here to educate ourselves and serve as better citizens of this country.

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