Pros on Proposition 30

Katrina Andaya and Steven Jung

For the past four years, California education, Police and fire protection, healthcare and other critical services were cut back by $56 billion.
Teachers have been laid off which results in larger classroom sizes, loss of classes and a raise in tuition, especially in community colleges.
Voting yes on Prop 30 ensures that education receives the money that it needs in order to kick start California’s economy.
If prop 30 passes, Cal State Universities will accept an additional 20,000 students this coming fall of 2013: 1,500 faculty and staff jobs will be kept and 5,500 courses will stay. It will also lower tuition by $249 per semester starting fall of 2013.
Prop 30 calls for the rich, couples making more than $500,000 or more in income tax per year, to pay higher income taxes of up to .5 to 1.0 percent. An increase in sales tax of a one-quarter cent will also be in effect.
These increases are not permanent though.
The higher taxes on the rich will last for only seven years and the one-quarter cent increase in sales tax will only continue for the next four years.
The money set aside, according to the Prop 30 initiative, cannot be touched. According to section 2 of the initiative, “None of these new revenues can be spent on state bureaucracy or administrative costs.”
The money for the schools will be put in a separate fund that legislatures cannot touch. This ensures that we have money for education.
Section 2 also states, “The new tax revenue is guaranteed in the Constitution to go directly to local school districts and community colleges.”
According to The Selma Enterprise (, if Prop 30 passes then schools like Selma Unified School District will not have to cut another $3 million for the 2013-14 school year.
According to the California Teachers Association, supporting Prop 30 helps prevent another $6 million in budget cuts to education.
Supporters of Prop 30 include California Federation of Teachers, California Nurses Association Initiative Political Action Committee, and the Democratic State Central Committee of California according to
Voting “yes” on Prop 30 helps get money back into California’s education system, and opens more seats for Cal States, while also increasing enrollment at community colleges. Prop 30 will overall help balance California’s budget, if passed.

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