Proposition 92 aims to lower fees

Proposition 92 will set all community college fees at only $15 per unit, which will allow more California students to afford attending college.

In 2004, there were around 300,000 less students enrolled in community colleges, because the price of tuition being doubled by legislature.

Students paid $26 a unit during 2004. Three years later, students pay only $20 a unit.

While books are consistently high in price, students are allowed to pay less for their classes. Many students are on a tight budget and can only afford to pay a certain amount of money for classes. Proposition 92 will be a big help to those students who do not have financial help from their parents.

Many students say that lowering the price to $15 would allow them to sign up for more classes.

Voting yes on the proposition would save a full-time student an average of $150 a year on classes. The extra $150 a year would help any student behind on their bills or car payments.

By lowering unit fees politicians are convinced that there will be dramatic increase in college enrollment. Students will have extra money to spend on books and supplies for classes and labs.

“It would be easier if they charged less for classes,” said Brittany Smith, 18, creative writing. “It would be way easier. More students would enroll.”

A spokesman for Yes on Proposition 92 has said that this proposition will not raise taxes or hurt K-12 funding.

The state is trying to create a way for more people to register in college. They would like for everyone who wants to, to be able to attend school.

Since 2004 the cost-per-unit has been dropping slightly. Each year there has been an increase in enrollment at community colleges.

California Post-secondary Education commission recently suggested that by the year 2010 there will be more than half a million additional applicants. Three-fourths of these applicants are most likely headed to community college.

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