Proposition 2 guaranteed the win

With only 3 percent of the votes left to tally, Proposition 2 is guaranteed to pass. More then six million voters checked yes on Prop 2 for better treatment of farm animals. Proposition 2 pulled through with 63 percent of yes voters and only 37 percent from no voters. It won’t be until Jan. 1, 2015, when the treatment starts to improve. Until then, farmers are legally allowed to continue practicing their current methods. As time passes, farmers will ideally be able to phase in more humane practices. Right now, many animals live in cages and crates so small that it’s impossible for them to move. But in seven years these animals will have safer and healthier areas to live in.

The 37 percent who voted no reasoned that continuing to allow the current standards of treatment would keep meat prices low. Obviously, the price of meat is a comparatively minor concern for yes voters. For the 63 percent who voted yes, the main concern is the treatment and safety of farm animals.

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