Prop 30 increases courses and services for California community colleges

Kiralynn Edmondson

California voters made a decision in the 2012 election to raise their taxes with the proposition 30 in order to assist community colleges in offering more courses and services to students.

California budget cuts have made a huge impact on college students. Within the the last three years roughly 20,000 students have been turned away from community college education because of the lack of classes, faculty and services needed to assist students and their education.

California community colleges will receive $210 million in educational funds in 2012-13 because of proposition 30.

Due to the passing of proposition 30, California community college districts have already began to plan on having more classes for the spring semester. According to San Diego community college district Chancellor Constance Carroll there will be 150-180 classes added to community college’s schedules across the state.

Los Angeles community college district Chancellor Daniel LaVista points out the bridge between the unemployed and job placement. “Community colleges must be the states chief in career education and placement.” said LaVista.

“This is a turning point in California education, not a complete solution” said Helen Benjamin, Chancellor for the Contra Costa College district. “Prop 30 gives students more opportunity and access. Not only by adding courses but by improving services to increase the success of our students.” said Benjamin.

The effects of proposition 30 will affect students according to Brice Harris the California Community College Chancellor. Students may not be able to get the classes they want because there will be more of a demand, but it is important to add back to what was lost. Changes have been made regarding the priorities to enroll and matriculate to help better manage the amount of new students entering the colleges.

The California Community College Chancellors are proud of this proposition and are thankful for the young voters who have helped to push the understanding of the proposition 30 and its importance on the state’s education.

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