Printed books become electronic

Steven Jung

     There were two important presentations brought to the ASG senates attention this last Thursday.

     The book store is now going digital by selling e-books. The book store knows that students are fond of apple items such as the iPod or iPad and other electronic devices.

     The only downside to the new digital age is that once the book app is downloaded you can not sell it back. The book store still rents and sells printed text books but just wanted to share their status with the senate.

     Since they branched out to other options like renting books or digital books the sales for the book store went up by 800 percent in one semester. Of course, this semester it is only up 30 percent.

     The book store members just wanted to find ways to spread the word of how they sell the entire textbook through an app. The senate gave them some helpful suggestions.

     The senate told the book store representatives that they could have two iPads in the library and when students check out books the librarians could offer the digital version of the books instead.

     Another representative from the Peer Mentorship Grant Program also addressed the senate at this meeting.

     The program is meant to reward students who tutor others in specific subjects where one student might be stronger than another. There might be a veteran who is good at math and science so the program enlist his help to tutor other veterans who need help in math and science subjects.

     The sole purpose of the program is to pair up someone who needs help with someone who has a similar background. Another idea is to take students more comfortable speaking Spanish and have them tutored by students that are also fluent in Spanish.

     The senate also had some minor details of other topics to discuss as well.

     The senate addressed how they needed two senate members for the Chief Justice of Judiciary. Joshua Baum volunteered to help assist Rod Oveisi who was appointed last week.

     They also discussed the survey and next weeks meeting which will include the entire Associated Student Government. They will be taking a group picture for the school as well. The survey questions will be conducted after next Monday and the Chair of Senate pushed the date the survey is needed to Nov. 1st.

     They have found a way to gather the data needed for the survey by using scantron like paper and sending it through a machine similar to when students take their finals using scantrons.

     The machine will not only scan multiple question answers but help create pie charts to better assess the needs of the students on campus.

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