Pricey presents for your Valentine

(Jordan Hammer)

Kelley Marble

Valentine’s Day is a magical day that comes once a year in which lovers express their feelings by exchanging gifts, cards, flowers and words. It’s a day that certainly proves the chivalry is not dead because typically a guy will reward one special girl with his heart i.e. an expensive gift.

This is an age-old tradition that proves courtly or romantic love for another. What is the point in messing with history?

True, the holiday has become very commercialized and severely hated amongst singles (hence becoming dubbed as “Singles Awareness Day”). But somehow it seems, single or not most people find a way to celebrate the day. Group dinners have become a popular endeavor.

When it comes to a couple, most girls hold high expectations in Valentine’s Day plans with their significant others. A nice dinner is always a good start for the night, roses included of course. Every girl needs some type of expensive gift to show her friends that she is definately loved. It all adds up.

That’s just simple Valentine’s though. To really impress a girl, taking her to a concert isn’t a bad idea, or even on a gondola ride in Newport Beach. Then there is always the extended gift. Making future plans to go to a day spa, or even a small get away to Palm Springs is truly the way to ones heart.

This idea is made easy by purchasing a card and including an “I.O.U” inside.

Love is something that should be shown everyday, but Valentine’s Day is that once a year chance to show love so why not do it big? This is not saying that someone loves some based on how much money they spend, but it’s the thought and consideration put into the plans or gift.

Being the year 2008, nothing is exactly cheap these days, so what’s the point in being cheap one day out the year. It’s not expected for someone to spend his or her life savings on a Tiffany’s diamond ring, but perhaps a little heart pendant wrapped up in a small blue box wouldn’t hurt.

The point is that love is something that is generally expressed through feeling and emotions. February has long been a month of romance.

History claims that St. Valentine was a martyr for his belief of love and marriage. Supposedly he was jailed for contesting a Roman law that young men could not be married because they were better soldiers if they were single. From jail he sent his lover letters signed “From your Valentine”, thus becoming valentines. With a story as romantic as this one how could you not love the idea of the day and what it has evolved to.

In all fairness, we can’t let St. Valentine down. Just remember, it’s always better to give a gift then receive one and this is the one-day that spending an absurd amount on your significant other is considered love.

(Jordan Hammer)

(Jordan Hammer)

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