Pinspiration: a pinning addiction

Virtual website inspires creativity (Valery Fregoso & Jillian Jackson)

Shannelle Sanchez

Fashion, art, health, and recipes are just a few of the 33 categories on the social media site named Pinterest.

Through Pinterest you can browse through and to create your own personal pin board. Each pin board can contain an idea, category or even a thought. Pinterest was launched in 2010 and is now a leading social media site with just under 25 million users according to Forbes Magazine.

Many students find themselves constantly ‘pinning’ new pictures and videos on their own boards but why do students find themselves spending a little too much time on this addicting website? After many interactions with students at both Saddleback and Irvine Valley College, we have concluded that these students are hooked on Pinterest because of the many inspirations it gives them. 

Danielle Salhus, 20, and anthropology major at Saddleback, started using Pinterest just two weeks ago and has already spent countless hours learning how to use it and how to pin her interests on her virtual boards. 

“I love pinning things that are funny, DIY crafts, home decor, places to visit, quotes,” Salhus said, “I like to repin things, like a lot of things, but I don’t use it for future weddings.” 

Justine Gee, 29, Computer Science major at IVC said, “I use Pinterest for ideas, for inspirations, for cooking recipe ideas, beauty and fitness. I have been using Pinterest for 6 months now and I am on it whenever I have any down time to pin items to my boards.”

While many of those enjoy using Pinterest for their own overall inspiration, Pinterest also has a heavy influence on students’ fashion choices.  

“I use it mainly to get ideas for outfits and makeup. I think a lot goes into my style, not just one celebrity icon or one favorite color,” Jillian Jackson, 20,  business marking and fashion merchandising major said. ” I love looking on Pinterest and doing my best to pull items from mine and my moms closets and trying to recreate them.” 

Jackson then sometimes posts pictures of her ‘pinspiration’ on the days on another social media site, Instagram, if she feels her outfit was perfectly matched to the one she found inspiration for using Pinterest.

Ladies, you are not the only ones using Pinterest, men are also are pinning, “I don’t actively use it but I use it,”  Wade Kilbarger, 21, business major at Saddleback said, ” I use Pinterest at least twice a week.” 

Kilbarger uses Pinterest to browse through architecture, men’s fashion, books and films. He enjoys being able to find people that share similar interests and being able to view what they post on their boards as well.

Even though Pinterest seems to be a common trend for the students at both Saddleback and IVC, it is not for everyone. Tumblr is still a popular inspiration site which many students still use. 

Christopher Mobley, 21, computer science major at IVC, made an attempt to use Pinterest but found himself returning to his tumblr account.

“Tumblr is easy to customize to your own settings rather than just posting to Pinterest’s basic template that you have to follow,” Mobley said. “With tumblr I can customize my own page and make it unique.”

Jackson also uses Tumblr even though she claims to be addicted to Pinterest. 

“I have had a tumblr for about a year and half before I had my Pinterest,” Jackson said, ” Back then my tumblr was fashion and models that I liked but once I started pinning, my tumblr became a bunch of music and band fan girl posts.” 

Students are hooked to browsing the web and being able to share the things they like on their personal accounts with other people who share the same interests. 

Pinterest was an invitation only site but lucky for you it is now available for everyone to join and start pinning!

If you are ever in need of inspiration whether it be for decorating ideas, artwork, to what you plan on making for dinner, Pinterest is a site for you.  


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