Pianist strikes a harpsichord at IVC

Linda Carver fills the IVC theater with sweet melodies on Saturday (Anibal Santos-Maldonado)

Anibal Santos-Maldonado

Linda Carver delighted the audience Saturday night at IVC’s Performance Art Center playing a combination of the harpsichord and the piano. Carver’s performance is part of IVC’s Guest Artist Series.

Lucinda Carver has played with the Los Angeles Chamber Orchestra and the Los Angeles Philharmonic. She is a current instructor of piano, harpsichord and conducting at USC’s Thornton School of Music.

Carver interpreted Sonatas from Domenico Scarlett, Les Baricades Misterieuses from Franois Coupenin before the intermission.

After the intermission she concluded with Johanannese Brahms’s Rhapsody in B minor and Franz Schubert’s Sonata in G.

In between the sets she presented the audience with a backstory.

“This is a piece of music that is of funny satire,” says Carver when describing the Baricades Misterieuses.

“In the last act all Hell breaks loose because of all the monkeys and bears break loose,” said Carver.

The performance was enjoyed by the audience which also included visiting students from USC.

“It was an amazing and wonderful — it’s a great program,” says Kyle (last name not provided) a music student from USC.

“A fine attention to detail, good to hear to harpsichord and piano,” says Peter (last name not provided) a student of Carver.  

IVC’s Keyboard Instructor Susan Boettger praised Carver’s mastery of her renditions.

“It was an inspiring program playing from 1600-1800,” said Boettger.

“Carver described such pieces with such humor … it was very clear,” said Boettger.

After the performance Carver spoke to the Lariat about her thoughts on being part of the Guest Artist’s Series.

“It was a real pleasure to play here, It was real pleasure to play here, I’m really happy to be invited,” Carver said.




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