Perez, Magrann selected as Professor of the Year

Math instructor Perez bring mathematics into the New Millenium with his Algebra2Go online video options. (Joseph Espiritu)

After an extensive delegation procedure, Saddleback College finally announced its instructors of the year: Mathematics instructor Larry Perez as the full-time Professor of the Year, and Dr. Tracey Magrann, human anatomy instructor, as the part-time Professor of the Year.

Instructor Larry Perez teaches pre-algebra and beginning algebra. Starting his career at California State Fullerton, he “became involved with a variety of programs dedicating to helping underrepresented students succeed in math,” Perez said.

He was initially impressed by Saddleback’s Learning Assistance Program (LAP). “I volunteered much of my time to the center to understand the mindset of the community college math student,” Perez said. “After one year of part-time teaching and volunteer work, I was hired full-time.”

Perez said after teaching at Saddleback for a number of years, he has gotten to know the students and make a difference in their lives.

“I am honored to have been chosen as Professor of the Year here at Saddleback College,” Perez said. “Representing Saddleback College gives me the opportunity to show the Algebra2go project [which uses online videos to teach math] that was designed based on the feedback of the students who likely nominated me for this recognition. In this sense, all the students will be honored as well.”

Larry Perez’s Algebra2go online guided-assistance program has helped many students.

“I would be lost without it; this site is amazing. It is like being in class all over again,” said Monica Duquene, psychology. “Professor Perez is funny, teaches with humor, and makes the class very enjoyable. I can honestly say without him, I would ponder the idea of finishing school because of the math requirements.”

Choosing the winners was a lengthy, involved process. Since the beginning of spring semester, students have been nominating instructors to be considered for this award. The top-secret judging of these instructors continued for months. After the Dean and other high officials from both our school and our district voted for their favorite choices, the award- winning instructors were finally decided.

The other winner, Dr. Tracey Magrann, brings to the position an incredible educational background to her position. She teaches human anatomy on Friday evenings and Saturday mornings.

“I have a medical doctorate and retired from practice ten years ago to pursue my passion for teaching, Magrann said. “I am also in my third year of my Ph.D. in biology at Loma Linda University. I have taught microbiology at Cerritos College, and anatomy at Fullerton College, Santa Ana College, Cal State Dominguez Hills, and Loma Linda University. This is my third year teaching at Saddleback.”

Working at Saddleback is a joy for Magrann.

“This is by far the best school I have ever been to. The students here work so hard, and each classroom and lab is full of modern equipment. It is an honor to receive such an award and to represent Saddleback College and the Science and Math Division,” Magrann said.

“Dr. Magrann was dedicated to our success in the class. I believe that she measured her success as a professor based on the success of her students,” said Tara Farry, Saddleback student.

Tracey Magrann’s flexible schedule allows working students to study human anatomy on Friday evening and Saturday. (Joseph Espiritu)

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