Parking struggles at Saddleback College

The first couple of weeks that school begins, the parking lot fills with students, petitioners, staff and students who are being dropped off.

Some students think ahead and show up early just for a good parking spot. Others show up minutes before class and begin to stress out when they cannot find a spot.

Some are even getting cited for not purchasing their parking pass.

One student who would like to remain anonymous said she spent over 45 minutes trying to find parking on Monday morning. She finally went to the parking lot for ‘Library Patrons Only’ and paid the dollar for two hour parking although she had already purchased an annual parking pass.

Scarlett Deller a nursing major said “If I had to drive myself I would show up an hour early to find a spot, but it was really nice to be dropped off.”

Tarlan Sonblli a biology major,  was smart and got to the Saddleback parking lot at 7:30 a. m. “There was open parking in front of admissions. ”

After a couple weeks the parking and traffic should clear up. Petitioners will fade away and some students will drop their classes and the parking lots will be open for students to park stress free before class.

But until the parking and traffic clears up, students should plan ahead. Get to school early and pay for your parking pass.

“We always cite 24/7” said Andrew Craven, Saddleback’s parking director who was selling parking passes in SSC 211 student lounge.

Its not worth being ticketed or being late to class. Get to school early pay for your spot and your day at school should be more enjoyable.

For more information on parking at Saddleback College visit the parking page at

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