Problems with parking: same issue, different semester

Steven Jung

Everyone has their own opinion or problems with parking no matter what school they attend. Some students feel the parking has gotten better and others believe it is just as bad; the only difference is what time the parking becomes a hassle.

Josh Hernendez said, “The parking lot is not as busy as it used to be.” He believes there are more spaces available compared to last semester. Another problem he doesn’t like dealing with was the students following him to his car as he walked out in the parking lot.” It can be annoying if someone follows you like that.”

Earl Ramsey, a student who has attended other schools such as both Cal State Fullerton and the University of California in Fullerton; explained that Saddleback’s parking situation is the best he had ever seen in any school.

Ramsey said, “Parking here is easier than parking at CSF, UCF, and even Santa Ana Community College.” He used to have classes only on Saturdays; but even on his current Tuesday and Thursday classes, he can find a parking spot in any lot.

Other students may think different however, like Zara Touyanou feels that the parking is just as difficult as any previous semesters. Touyanou said, “I do not drive, but my friends do. My friends complain to me all the time about parking.”

Touyanou also stated that her friends and her would have to get to school 20 or so minutes before class because when they get here on time, they tend to be late to class. She believes parking is easier at her other school, Irvine Valley College.

One reason why parking might be easier during the day is because Touyanou thinks students are taking earlier classes.

Huy Ngyen might agree with Touyanou. He said, “Students begin having to look for parking around between 8:30 a.m. and 9 a.m. After 11 a.m. though parking gets much easier.”

Ngyen said, “I also think that the school is more crowded this semester than last semester. ” He believes it is actually harder to find a parking space. He does think IVC has easier ways of parking compared to Saddleback.

Maybe there are less students; or maybe the students are taking earlier classes. It seems parking is easier for some students than others who are having just as much trouble as ever.


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