P90X: Safe or seriously risky?

Hayley Radel

Being physically fit and in shape is what most people strive for.  They want to be healthy, in shape, and look good.  Some people do it in what is considered a healthy way; while others adopt the improper way of not eating or taking other unhealthy ways to drop pounds fast.
One healthy way of achieving an active lifestyle is to do workout videos or plans such as P90X or Insanity to get your body moving and to start shedding weight, building and toning muscle. 
When interviewing Mike Meyer, a student from Saddleback College, informed me of the amazing effects that he got from participating in P90X. When starting P90X, Mike began as a large football player from high school.  His goal was to slim down and tone the muscle he already had from playing football through the four years of high school. He achieved this goal by following P90X and doing their intense workouts to shape his body.  He also achieved his goal by eating right and thinks that the workouts would not have gotten him this far if he had eaten in an unhealthy way.
He had learned about P90X from their advertisements on TV and thought he would give it a try.  Now that Meyer has, he feels more active, confident and healthier. 
“Coming from a big football dude to a skinny dude is a huge difference,” he explained as he told his experience with the videos and their life-changing effects. 
He has gained many great things from starting this program such as more attention. He received a promotion as a football coach, and he also feels as if he has more pride, self-accomplishment, and a sense of his life being elevated by his choice of starting, completing, and continuing to do the P90X workout. 
Tracy Bryars, a health teacher at Saddleback, believes these workouts are a good way to lose weight and have a healthy lifestyle.  She does believe that it goes hand-in-hand with eating the right essential foods as well as a good workout.  If you eat unhealthy such as “junk-food,” the workouts with not be as beneficial to losing weight and keeping a healthy lifestyle.  “It is a good way to lose weight as long as people are being safe,” she explained these workouts are more difficult than just basic exercise. 
She recommends that beginners to start off with the basics and small workouts and work your way up to the more advance difficult ones as to not injure yourself. 

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