Orchestra entrances IVC

Mathieu Giradet was this year’s recipient of the Tonya Reed Memorial Scholorship for his clarinet playing. (Ashley Peterson)

Ashley Peterson

The Irvine Valley College Orchestra performed their first concert of the semester on Sunday in the Performing Arts Center.

The students’ black and white attire properly matched their cherry-wood colored intruments.

The orchestra performed five songs and in addition, there was a woodwind duet featuring Mathieu Girardet and Laren Yehude on clarinet performing “Duet for Two Clarinets” and “Sonatime”, accompanied by Ashley Chun Yen Wu on piano.

Giradet was recently awarded the Tonya Reed Gardner Memorial Musically Endowed scholorship for the clarinet.

The Performing Arts Center was filled to near capacity for the Sunday evening show. The after-reception offered the concertgoers refreshments.

Starting again in December there will be other shows in the PAC with the orchestra.

There are also fundraiser benefit events scheduled and that will have its proceeds matched by the school.

There will also be an upcoming student showcase, “Principles of Sufficient Irritation,” that will include six hand clappers, a very avant garde show, on Saturday, Oct. 23. at 7:30 p.m.

“I came to support the students, it was phenomenal. Very pleasant show,” said guest Chris Keisser.

Clara Girardet, audience member, said she liked the clarinet duet the best. “The intonation was really good, just like the entire show,” she said.

The musicians said they were pleased with the performance.

Viola player Joel Preciado said, “It was good. It went pretty well for the first one of the year.” Violinists Yash Attal and Donna Cho agreed.

“Our show was good, I was surprised we did great,” said Attal. “It was the first one of the year. I was nervous. It was beautiful.”

“We did well for the first performance of the year. We all worked so hard for this and it all came together,” said Cho.

Further information on upcoming events by students and faculty at Irvine Valley College as well as ticket information is available on the IVC website at http://www.ivcarts.org. The season ends Dec. 12 with the Master Chorale and Women’s Chorus Benefit Concert.

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