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Students use the computers to do homework and check emails (Steven Jung)

Steven Jung

The ASG Senate took action about fixing the problem with the computers in the library.  

“The school updated the computers today,” library receptionist Lydia Welhan said.

Before the computers were updated today some students were having issues.

Kazuhiro Kotani stated he had a problem with the computers in the library before. Kotani brings his own Toshiba notebook because he feels it is easier than using the school’s computer.

Kotani said, “Some of the computers are slower than others.”

Kotani also thinks it is better because if he needs something he does not require a flash drive for downloading content because he is not using the school’s computer.

Damelza B. agreed that not all the computers are as fast as the rest. She uses the same computer every time she can because she has never had a connection problem.

The library uses Dell computers with Windows 7 operating systems. Informal tests shoed that some are slower than others. When the internet was accessed, however, the speed was just as fast as the previous computer.

Welhan said, “Most of the complaints I get are issues about logging in and printing.” It would appear the computers are the problem, not the Wi-Fi connection. The computers have been updated and are working faster than they used to.

According to another staff member, Ana Mariea Cobos, “Most of the problems have to do with printing issues, logging in, and the computers being too slow.” It seems the computer speed was not the only previous problem.

Students are also having a little trouble using their log in IDs. It sounds like most students are not aware how to log on rather than not being able to. The students who have log in issues just need to use the proper log in ID or contact technical services by e-mail at scstudenthelp@saddleback.edu, by phone at (949) 582-4357 or at their website http://www.saddleback.edu/de/student-technical-support/

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