Oil pipeline in Chad: good idea?

John Fredricks

Quite recently, construction has begun for a 185 mile oil pipeline in the North African country of Chad.

If you have been keeping up with world news, you know that Chad is a country affected by an inadequate infrastructure as well has harsh poverty and internal conflict.

But can this oil pipeline be a positive impact for the nation, or will it add to the already existing conflict?

The chances are probably not……

Chad became an Oil producing nation in 2003, when it linked its rich oilfields to the Atlantic Coast of Africa. Since then, civil unrest has not improved, and people are still hungry.

With this new pipeline, the goal is to link its Koudalwa oilfields to a newly built refinery North of the capital of N’Djamena.

In order for this to happen, the pipeline will have to be built over existing villages, forcing people to leave their homes. In an already poor nation with a annual GNI of $540.00 a year, this does not seem like a great idea.

Most people are fine with the fact of displacing a few to serve a lot, but what if you were the group that had to pack up and leave?

The Chadian Government says those who move will be compensated for their losses, but the people know better than anyone that their country is being run on loose foundations.

Oil is a necessity, this is a known fact, but why should people have to suffer for it?

No information points to whether plans have been made for the oil pipeline to be constructed around the villages.

The Chinese backed project will displace hundreds by destroying Ten villages and Activist are saying that residence were not consulted about the pipelines construction.

Unfortunately, this is a common occurrence in Africa and Chadian citizens are not the first to experience the power of greed.

The world one day will hopefully see that materials and resources will only satisfy selfishness for so long.

Maybe someday we can make our fellow man as important as oil?

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